About our company

An event management boutique company.


Small and large-scale

Classic and concept-based

With love, as though for ourselves

Authentic and unique, only for you and about you

2A EVENT&MANAGEMENT was founded by two Petersburgers: Anna Nestertsova and Alexey Spiridonov, professionals with many years of experience in the event industry.

When developing the concept of an event, the 2A team strives to stay ahead of the time. By blending different forms and styles, the team creates a genuine and modern creative product.

Anna Nesterova

CEO / Art Director / Founder of the 2A FOR KIDS segment

Anna is responsible for the creative approach to events. She has Bachelor’s degrees in Corporate Management and Dramatic Theatre and Cinema Acting (GITIS). Anna creates striking concepts and scenarios, manages directing and staging impeccably, and casts the best actors for the team.

«I believe that every event should be genuinely different: creating personal and meaningful events, we also keep them light and delicious. We value our clients' time, so when we start a new project, we listen, see, and understand what is important to the client first. Only after this step, we switch on our imagination and begin performing the task».
Anna Nestertsova

Alexey Spiridonov

Alexey is the brain of our company.

He is responsible for making sure everything runs like clockwork. He teaches the team to hide the inevitable anxiety and smile throughout the celebration. He always finds a perfect approach for any audience. Alexey also wakes up at 5 AM to check the weather before the event. Finally, he possesses the supernatural power to disperse clouds.

 «I enjoy bringing positive emotions to people. The laughter of guests is a real energizer for me. After each event, I’m excited for the next one. Every time, my task is to build a complex structure where everything works in unison and brings joy to people. A cool event is always the result of long and painstaking preparation. In a word, #ilovemyjob!».
Alexey Spiridonov

Mikhail Trukhin

Co-founder of the company / Merited Artist of the Russian Federation / Actor of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre

He controls the quality of the creative aspect using the Stanislavski method.

«When creating, you always look for something new. Whether it's a performance, a reading of literary works with a symphony orchestra, or playing a role in a commercial. As for event projects, I love to unite different and even incompatible genres into one whole. New ideas, new forms, new approaches to implementing the product - all of this gives me drive and experience, which I use later in my acting. And, most importantly, I find this awfully interesting!»
Mikhail Trukhin